As the only professional classical ballet company in Utah, Ballet West brings world-class ballets and dance education programs to the state.

"Ballet West's I CAN DO program opened a whole new world of opportunity, and I learned to have confidence in myself." -I CAN DO student

"I always thought ballet was girly until I saw the dancers perform. It is the opposite of that!" -Ballet West for Children participant

Since 1963, Ballet West has played a vital role in the cultural, artistic and economic vibrancy of Utah, and has since become one of the leading professional classical ballet companies in the nation. One of the most important part of Ballet West's mission is to spread the joy of the performing arts to the state's children and young adults through our high-quality education and outreach programs.

Over 100,000 students, educators and other community members are impacted by Ballet West's education programs each school year.

It is widely recognized that an education in the arts provides the necessary tools to help students be successful in life and to better prepare students academically. It offers a creative outlet, promotes out-of-the-box thinking, and encourages self-discipline. Ballet West's programs ensure that all Utah children have a well-rounded arts education.

Along with the Utah State Office of Education and other community arts organizations, Ballet West has designed these educational programs to meet what is most needed as identified within the state and to provide services that are not duplicated elsewhere by another organization. The USOE evaluates these programs for effectiveness on an annual basis.

Ballet West's education and outreach programs include:

  • I CAN DO (Inspiring Children About Not Dropping Out): a 20+ week course that offers fifth-grade students a hands-on dance education experience and several performance opportunities. I CAN DO reached over 6,500 students in more than 45 schools during the 2012-2013 school year.

  • Ballet West for Children: a lecture demonstration for elementary school audiences that introduces the art of ballet as well as key dance core-curriculum and life skills concepts. During the 2012 – 2013 school year, Ballet West for Children reached over 63,000 students in more than 125 schools.

  • In-Theatre Student Presentations: for elementary and secondary school students that allows them to experience a fully-produced ballet performance in the Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre.

  • First Look: invites students of all ages and educators to see the first dress rehearsal of a performance in the Janet Quinney Lawson Capitol Theatre. In-Theatre Student Presentations and First Look reached nearly 21,000 students and educators during the 2012 – 2013 school year.

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