Repertory Dance Theatre is dedicated to the creation, performance, perpetuation, and appreciation of modern dance.

Since 1966, Repertory Dance Theatre has been telling the story of America through dance.

The story is still being told. That’s why contemporary works by living choreographers make up more than 60% of RDT’s current collection of dances.

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Together we tell America’s Story.

Historians have recorded America’s story. Reporters and pundits are still broadcasting it as it unfolds day-to-day. But what that story means, especially on the personal level, has never been told better than through the arts, especially, we think, through dance.

Repertory Dance Theatre (RDT) prides itself on its collection of more than 350 historical and contemporary dances that literally embody how it felt (and looked) to break from tradition with new expressions of society and culture, of divinity…of even the very earth we call home.

RDT’s repertory spans decades of political upheaval, the social revolutions of the 60s and 70s, the challenges of our current technological age…and all of the sublime moments in between. Movement, music, literature, visual and media art—it all converges on stage and in the studio, in Utah schools and on tour in a tapestry of laughter, deep feeling and wonder.

Our collective story is more than a listing of facts or even of ideas. It’s also about how the narrative moved us then, how it moves us now and how it brings us together. It’s why RDT regularly commissions cutting edge contemporary artists to make sure what we experience today is reflected on stage tomorrow.

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Why? Because today we need art more than ever to make us laugh, make us a cry…give human(e) meaning to our otherwise divided world.

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