Slow Food Utah believes in good, clean, and fair food for everyone: good for those who grow it, for those who eat it, & for the planet.

Slow Food Utah is a local chapter of Slow Food USA. We are based in Salt Lake City, but we represent the state of Utah. Our organization is entirely volunteer-run, managed by a core group (Board of Directors) and supported by a large number of members, volunteers, and partners in the community.

In our many efforts to bring good, clean and fair food for everyone we host events like the Honeybee Festival where we bring awareness and understanding of the plight of the honeybee and what can be done to insure it's survival.

  • We raise funds to offer microgrants to many local farmers and producers to aid in increased production, growth, marketing and more.
  • We bring farmers and chefs together in their common drive to provide the best our state offers to the most people.
  • We bring groups together in "farm mobs" to assist local producers in harvesting, planting and maintenance.
  • Through our programs for local school children we have assisted in the building of schoolyard gardens and educational materials that teach the importance of healthy eating, food growth and preparation.
  • Our initiatives are not limited to just these categories and our continual evolution that is supported by people like you, drives a better food future for everyone.

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